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Well, I have always suffered with irregular bowel movements putting down to my hypothyroidism. Then a few years back became a chronic migraine sufferer - daily preventative meds for the past few years which is 3 tablets every day. Side effect of these is constipation so on top of everything I was already dealing with was not a good mix.

I had heard about colonics and was interested in the process so I went ahead and booked a consultation knowing I wanted to go ahead with the treatment. After my second treatment my monthly cycle was due and low and behold my migraines didn’t appear. So for the first time in however many years I’ve had a pain free cycle which meant a week less of strong pain relief. Woo hoo!

Couldn’t be happier with my colonic journey.

Thank you for being so welcoming. The wealth of knowledge Michelle has is incredible. Don’t suffer in silence and get yourself sorted.
My back feels brand new again! Michelle is amazing, friendly and welcoming, I will be going back for more treatments!
best service there is ,lovely women,results are amazing from getting lemon bottle after only first session
Great service! Michelle was so welcoming and friendly and is passionate about making people feel their best! Will be recommending and revisiting 😊
Michelle, you are truly amazing!
Every time I visited I leave with new information and knowledge and I’m grateful for your wealth of knowledge.
You are beautiful in and out and your expertise and professionalism is impressive.
A true inspiration!
Thank you for all your help and ongoing help. You’ve helped me in ways I can’t even help myself (haha)
Highly recommended and an investment into your health and wellbeing.
I was told by a private gastroenterologist I had a dropped large intestine and will be on laxatives for the rest of my life (now 36) they were making me fee horrible and not getting rid of the full compacted problem. I spoke to Michelle and she put everything into perspective and assured me that she can help. I had my first appointment last night and wow it was fantastic, I was extremely nervous but Michelle calmed me down. I can honestly say she has changed my life already, I don’t feel bloated, tired, grumpy or in any pain and that is the first appointment. Chucked the laxatives away and believe Michelle can train my bowels to behave and act normal. I cannot recommend Michelle enough. Thank you so much. 😊
Was in a bad way and was feeling really bad. I contacted Eternal Being and talked through my problems with Michelle, and made an appointment. I got immediate relief and over a few sessions got back to normal from really bad inflammation. Michelle was brilliant and gave me great advice and treatment. I would highly recommend getting a consultation if you have any issues. Thanks Michelle. Richard 👍🙂
Michelle is so tuned in to your body and knows what it needs. I have regular colonic treatments and feel fantastic. After having major ankle surgery late November 2023, I had a lymphatic massage to help my body recover. AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Michelle
Where do I start to tell you my journey with Michelle at Eternalbeing. TBH I hadn't heard of EB it only came about when I was talking to a gym buddy and we started talking about feeling bloaty, irregular bowel movement. So I thought as I have had problems since being a young girl around the age of 5 when I really struggled to go to the toilet so I was injected in the bottom to help me. So when I looked into the services that EB do I was so excited to think there was someone out there who may be able to help me. I made the call I was very nervous but after a telephone conversation which lasted about half an hour I booked in with her. Well, what an experience that was. Never thought in a million years my issues, fears quickly went away. My first clonic liver cleanse was a little bit surreal. How can I just be so relaxed and able to pooh after a few reassuring words from Michelle. We laugh all the time she still says after 10 years LOOK at your pooh train. I will be honest I did suffer from a headache afterwards but Michelle did warn me this would happen but soon subsided. Lots of water and not too much food after the treatment. I was taken suppliments to help me with my daily routine. Vitamin D3,
Bifido and Fibre,live cultures supplement for women, zinc citrate,
Alway I use her own patches
BIO MAGNETIC this to help my joints as I work out everyday
Sleep patch as I was struggling but ATM I'm sleeping very well.
Now about. Michelle my pooh fairy. This women is so passionate about her work to help others, always around of you need advise. She's my hero and best of all Michelle listens to you. Never rushes you, if these are going to plan with your treatment she ensures we rest and then try again.
Honestly, if you're not too sure about having a treatment I can assure you you would not be disappointed. I love her my pooh fairy
After years of stomach bloating, cramps and pain. Taking medication to relive the symptoms.
I visited Michelle for the first time in January. I have not looked back since. I have not had to take any medication since.
I really felt listened to and I am so pleased I picked the phone up and made that call.
I have more energy and my overall health has improved so much 😊
Great Treatment Michell. Thanks.
I've been going for years, Michelle always helpful and achieves great results everytine !
I had suffered with minor gut issues on and off for years but put it down to diet. Past 6 months noticed a gradual increase in feeling bloated, fatigued and no energy or motivation to exercise. I improved my diet with organic produce where possible and did the obvious but still felt full, bloated and sluggish. I had heard of colonics before but had no knowledge of what they did or why you would have one. After some googling, Eternal Being popped us a ‘colonics near me’ and so I checked out their website which prompted a consultation with Michelle and then a colonic hydrotherapy with liver cleanse. Consultation phase was thorough and the colonic was no where near as invasive as I thought it would be nor embarrassing. The feeling of relief was almost euphoric after feeling yuk for so long and the aftercare with Michelle’s knowledge gives me confidence the investment in myself was worth it! All puns intended, Michelle really knows her s#%t!
Great service as always from Michelle. I come about once a quarter and always look forward to the treatment as you know your interests and treatment best practice always come first every time.
Wish I had discovered Eternal Being sooner! Michelle is an absolute STAR - she understands what I need and is never short on advice. Her treatments are brilliant and her reassuring nature allows you to be at ease no matter what the treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle and Eternal Being to my contacts.
Michelle is amazing!

She's so supportive, passionate, friendly and welcoming in her advise/practice.

Before I went to Michelle all I ever thought about my my stomach issues. All I ever talked about was my stomach issues. The discomfort was daily and progressively getting worse. After over 2 years of issues and getting no where through the NHS, I reached out to Michelle and after meeting her for our consultation I finally felt confident that this wasn't going to be forever and that there was hope. For the first time in 2 years someone had told me that they can help me instead of saying 'ots JUST stomach issues, it's JUST iBS.

The tests Michelle did came back with detailed, personal results and Michelle's gave clean instructions on how we can fix my gut health together.

She's super friendly and makes you feel instantly at ease at any appointment.

Thankyou Michelle ☺️💩
Another excellent treatment from Michelle, I have a taken advice from Michelle and had regular colonic treatments over the last 12 years in relation to my gut problems and bloating. Can I stress it is not an uncomfortable treatment as she is highly qualified in her area of expertise.
Well worth a consultation and a treatment if you are suffering in agony with your gut problems. Michelle is extremely qualified in this area and has more extensive knowledge than many GP’s. Michelle will listen to your problem and will get to the bottom of your issues.
Thanks again Michelle look forward to the next treatment in March.
Since giving birth to my son in Oct 2022 I have suffered with anxiety and stress that has severely impacted my digestive system. I've been going to Michelle at Eternal Being because she helped me out many years ago with gut issues and I knew she would be able to help me out this time also. She's so incredibly knowledgeable about pretty much everything but especially gut and poop related issues. She's so professional but also makes you feel so at ease, she's brilliant at what she does and she's made me feel like my pre pregnancy self again. The treatment itself is actually very relaxing and I feel rejuvenated afterwards. Thank you so much Michelle aka the poop fairy! xxx
I first contacted Eternal Being and spoke with Michelle in July this year . I was really struggling both emotionally with grief and with my health, feeling generally unwell, bloated , lethargic and just not well 🤧 having felt like this for many years I had settled for the fact that this was how I was always going to feel .
After a bad fall through being so tired and lethargic at the start of July and suffering several injuries including a fractured wrist, I decided it was time to at least try to change the way I felt . Eternal Being was the very first place I read about and something told me that this was a good place , how right I was . Michelle called me following my email and I could tell straight away what a lovely person she was and clearly very passionate about what she does . I had my first appointment and found Michelle to be very friendly, warm, caring, very straight talking and honest with a terrific sense of humour 😊( very important ). I booked in for my first colonic and like many people I had preconceived ideas of what was involved It was nothing at all like I imagined, the treatment room ( like all of Eternal Being) was really lovely , comfortable, warm , very private a really calming peaceful place for a treatment . Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and every step was explained and done with care. We laughed a lot and talked a lot as well Michelle is a wonderful therapist and I came away from my first session feeling already better within myself and very positive about another treatment . I think it is so important to be open minded about this type of treatment, this isn’t a one size fits all situation and Michelle works out a treatment plan for each client individually depending on what they need. I have had a gut analysis done and Michelle has got a treatment plan for me going forward ,I have had several sessions and can honestly say I already feel so very different, I have a better understanding as well of how the gut is so closely linked to emotional well being something I definitely didn’t realise before seeing Michelle . This is a journey and not a quick fix but I am so glad I have started on it after many , many years of just accepting how I felt . I can’t imagine doing it anywhere else or with anyone else . So Michelle thank you so so much I I look forward to continuing this journey with you 😊👍🏼
I've been coming to Michelle for almost 2 years now and she honestly changed my life. She is so knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her clients and her work. I really can't recommend her enough, she's just the best!

The Power of Powerlifting

1st March 2024

Why Women in Menopause Should Consider Pumping Iron

Menopause marks a significant transition in a woman’s life. While it’s a natural part of aging, the symptoms associated with menopause can often feel overwhelming. The 

good news is that these symptoms can be eased with proper nutrition and fitness.  Amidst them, there’s one powerful tool that women can harness to navigate this stage with strength and resilience: powerlifting. Powerlifting is an exhilarating form of exercise and a great way to stay active and healthy and ease the symptoms of menopause.

Powerlifting, with its focus on lifting heavy weights in compound movements like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, might seem intimidating at first glance. However, it’s an exciting exercise, and that’s why it’s so popular. For menopausal women, the benefits far outweigh any initial apprehensions. Let’s explore the amazing physical, mental and emotional benefits of powerlifting, but first, let’s see how powerlifters train.

How do Powerlifters Train?

A powerlifter’s training is characterised by a low compound exercise volume and high repetition loads with a particular focus on one of the three major lifts.

Powerlifting workout sessions usually include the bench press, squat, or deadlift for several heavy sets, depending on the lifter and their goals.

Among the more specific training methods used by competitive powerlifters are periodisation, strategic deload weeks, volume training, and incremental or linear progression over time.

The Physical Benefits of Powerlifting

During menopause, women often experience physical symptoms such as muscle aches and joint pains, changes in body shape and weight gain, and skin issues like dryness and itchiness. These manifestations underscore the complexity of this transitional phase and highlight the need for comprehensive approaches to symptom management and well-being, but powerlifting can help. Here’s how:

1. Combats Bone Loss

Menopause often leads to a decline in estrogen levels, resulting in decreased bone density and an increased risk of osteoporosis. Strength training and impact activities can help to prevent osteoporosis and offset the decline of bone mineral density.

Powerlifting, with its emphasis on progressive overload, stimulates bone growth and helps maintain bone mineral density, reducing the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

2. Increases Muscle Mass

Hormonal changes during menopause contribute to muscle loss, leading to reduced strength and functional ability. Studies have shown that strength training, especially resistance training, helps maintain and even build muscle mass in women over 50. 

They provide specific stimuli that promote muscle adaptation and can thus slow down muscle loss; therefore, regularly engaging in such exercises is crucial to support muscle health during menopause. Powerlifting effectively builds muscle mass and strength while improving balance and reducing the risk of falls, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of life.

3. Boosts Metabolism

With age comes a natural decline in metabolism, making weight management more challenging, but exercise helps boost metabolism. Powerlifting builds lean muscle mass, increasing resting metabolic rate, aiding in weight management and preventing weight gain commonly associated with menopause.

4. Improves Cardiovascular Health

When combined with cardiovascular exercise, powerlifting can have positive effects on heart health, lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol, and increasing good cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Powerlifting

Women are 2.5 times more likely to suffer from depression than men, and during menopause, they are particularly vulnerable. If you regularly feel sad, hopeless, frustrated, lacking energy or unable to sleep, powerlifting can lift your spirits. Here’s how:

1. Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

Powerlifting empowers women to push their limits and discover their inner strength, leading to increased confidence and self-esteem, which can be particularly empowering during the transition of menopause. Additionally, it provides a social outlet as it is a great way to meet like-minded individuals in a supportive community.

2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Exercise is a proven stress reliever, and the focused effort and physical exertion involved in powerlifting can be particularly effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels. It stimulates the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine, involved in mood regulation and relaxation, helping you relieve stress and promoting mental well-being.

3. Improves Sleep

Menopausal women often struggle with disrupted sleep patterns. Regular strength training releases endorphins, which can lower stress and anxiety, resulting in better sleep, regulation of circadian rhythms, and a rise in body temperature that leads to sleep.

Important Considerations Before You Start Powerlifting

Powerlifting training offers all the aforementioned benefits, but as with every form of exercise, there are some important considerations before you dive in.

1. Prioritise Proper Form

Safety is a priority. This is why you shouldn’t try this exercise alone but seek guidance from qualified coaches and trainers. Focus on learning proper form and technique, which is the cornerstone of safe and effective weightlifting.

2. Start Gradually

Starting gradually is another key principle to keep in mind. Instead of jumping straight into heavy lifting, beginning with lighter weights allows your body to adapt gradually to the demands of weightlifting. This approach not only reduces the risk of overexertion but also helps in building a strong foundation of strength and stability. 

As you progress, gradually increasing the intensity and volume of your workouts ensures steady progress while minimising the risk of injury. Listening to your body throughout this process is vital; pay attention to any signs of discomfort or fatigue and make necessary adjustments to your training regimen.

3. Listen to Your Body

We often struggle to find a balance between pushing ourselves to be the strongest and pushing ourselves so hard that we get injured. Our bodies respond best to us when we have a loving relationship with them. So make sure to respect your body’s limits, take rest days, and prioritise recovery to prevent burnout and injury. 

4. Consult Your Doctor

Before beginning any new exercise regimen, particularly during menopause, it is essential to prioritise consultation with your healthcare provider. Menopause is a significant transitional phase in a woman’s life, marked by hormonal changes that can affect various aspects of health, including bone density, cardiovascular health, and metabolism. 

Consulting with a healthcare provider allows for a comprehensive assessment of individual health status, risk factors, and potential contraindications to certain types of exercise.

A note from Michelle

“I found having the new goal and hobby of powerlifting has helped to give me more head space where I can focus on something beyond the symptoms of menopause. Before I started powerlifting, I felt like I was losing control due to the changes my body was experiencing, but now I feel like I have that power back.”

“Powerlifting builds muscle mass and strength which can enhance functional ability, and balance and reduce the risk of falls. It can also improve heart health by lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol, and increasing good cholesterol when you combine it with cardiovascular exercise.”

As a final note…

Powerlifting offers a multitude of benefits for menopausal women, addressing both physical and mental well-being. With proper guidance, a safe approach, and dedication, powerlifting can be a transformative tool for navigating the challenges of menopause with strength and resilience. If you are struggling with menopause, you can book a consultation with one of our healthcare experts to find the best way to navigate the changes.