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Vitamin Injections

What are vitamin injections?

Vitamin injections are a form of supplementation that involves injecting a concentrated dose of vitamins directly into the body to treat various vitamin deficiencies. It is absorbed into your bloodstream via your muscles. Vitamin injections have a higher absorption rate than supplements, making it a targeted and effective treatment.

Why do you need vitamin injections?

For our bodies to function properly, we must consume essential vitamins and minerals daily. If one of these vitamins is deficient, it can result in serious health problems, affecting our brain and nervous system. Certain medical conditions or dietary restrictions can cause the deficiencies, which can be detected through a routine blood test. 

Injections offer a direct and immediate means of replenishing nutrient levels. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with digestive disorders or malabsorption issues, ensuring vital nutrients are absorbed efficiently. 

Postoperative recovery, serious illness, or significant injuries may elevate nutritional requirements, warranting vitamin injections. Athletes seeking enhanced performance, individuals in weight loss programs, and those experiencing chronic fatigue may also opt for this method. Additionally, some use injections as part of a holistic approach to wellness, though their effectiveness for general health remains debated.

What to expect from your visit

You can book a consultation to discuss your symptoms and medical exams. Our healthcare professional will assess your condition and advise whether vitamin injections are the best option for you and which vitamins you should take. Whether you need vitamin B12, C or both, we will make sure you get the proper treatment.

Upon arrival at your appointment for a vitamin injection, our healthcare professional will explain the procedure, which will last for approximately 5-10 minutes and answer any questions you might have.

Why choose eternalbeing for vitamin injections?

Over the years at eternalbeing, we have developed a solid reputation founded on successfully helping our patients restore mental and physical wellbeing. Our comprehensive suite of treatments is designed to tackle an array of issues, from physical discomforts like constipation to mental health challenges such as stress and anxiety. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients restore their well-being.

If you’re poised to reclaim control over your health and journey towards a more contented lifestyle, we encourage you to schedule a medical consultation with us today. Our healthcare professionals construct a serene and relaxed atmosphere throughout your visit. You have the option to select from a diverse team of male and female clinicians based on your personal preferences.

Additionally, our clinic is equipped with multiple treatment spaces to minimise wait times and allow you to experience the benefits of our treatments promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should you get vitamin injections?

When you first start your treatment, it’s common to have an injection a few times a week. Your dose may change depending on your response to the treatment. B12, Vitamin C, and Biotin are advised to be taken at regular intervals every four weeks to ensure optimal health benefits. 

On the other hand, Vitamin D supplementation is recommended specifically during the winter months, starting from October onwards.  This regimen extends for a duration of six months, effectively covering the period when natural sunlight, a primary source of Vitamin D, is limited. Following these guidelines can help maintain essential nutrient levels for overall well-being throughout the year.

Do vitamin injections have any side effects?

Vitamin injections are safe, and adverse effects are rare. However, some people may experience some pain, swelling or redness at the injection site, and in much rarer cases, headaches, itching or nausea. Very high doses of vitamins may sometimes cause acne.

Can I get a vitamin injection if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

You can have Hydroxocobalamin – vitamin B12 while pregnant or breastfeeding. Vitamin B12 is essential for the proper development of the nervous system in the fetus and is vital for milk production. Before receiving a vitamin B12 injection or any other vitamin injection, seeking guidance from your healthcare provider is crucial.

Can I take vitamin supplements instead of getting an injection?

Vitamin supplements can effectively treat a deficiency, but they may not be as well absorbed as an injection. In any case,  your healthcare professional can advise you on the most appropriate form of vitamin for your specific situation.


Remember if you are new to the clinic or not been to the clinic in the last 6 months it is a requirement for you to have a medical history consultation first before booking a treatment.

  • Vitamin B12 Injection – 1 Injection


    This injection is a great way to boost your B12 levels to where they need to be. Being deficient in this can cause serious health problems, so if you have any serious concerns, please speak to your doctor! B12 is responsible for lots of other health benefits, including an increase in energy levels and concentration, improved metabolism (which can help with weight loss), boosted immune system, improved sleep and decreased risk of heart disease.

  • Vitamin B12 Injection – Course of 6 Injections


    A cost-effective option that covers all your Vitamin B12 requirements

  • Hay Fever Prevention


    The Injection works by suppressing the body’s immune response to the histamines which relieves symptoms. Hay fever sufferers generally only need one injection for the entire hay fever season, compared to taking tablets every day. It is important to remember that the results will vary per individual.

  • ​Vitamin D – 300,000 units IM Injection


    Vitamin D is way more than a vitamin. It has a wider effect that regulates calcium and bone health. It is, in fact, a hormone that plays a vital role in immunity. Sun exposure is the primary source of vitamin D; hence, most people in the West have low levels of vitamin D.

    Vitamin D3 is administered as an injection in the muscle. Before any vitamin injection, we test your vitamin D levels in the blood with a simple finger prick blood test.

    Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) megadose of 300,000 international unit IM. 

    Unique features
    At eternalbeing , we only use vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) NOT D2 (Ergocalciferol). Although used interchangeably in most clinics, D3 is nearly twice as effective as vitamin D2 at raising vitamin D levels in the body. D3 is the form of vitamin D produced in the skin on exposure to the sun, whereas D2 is of plant origin and is much less effective.  Read more about the difference between D3 and D2 right here.

Important Details: We request 48hours notice of cancellation. Should you fail to cancel within these guidelines a 50% charge will apply. All no shows and same day cancellations will be charged the full cost of the treatment. All treatments are by appointment only and require card details to secure your booking. (50% deposit will be taken at the time of booking)

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