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Cancer Touch Therapy

What is Cancer Touch Therapy?

Cancer Touch Therapy helps a patient to meditate, allowing the mind to disconnect from daily stress and anxiety. It also allows time for rejuvenation of mind, body, spirit and a natural boost to immunity. This treatment is for those being treated for, living with or in remission with cancer, a condition usually contra-indicated.

What to expect from your visit?

All eternalbeing treatments start with your initial medical consultation, this is so we can tailor-make the correct bespoke treatment plan for you. We take detail on all existing medical diagnoses, medications, supplements and symptoms. This will also aid your aftercare.

When you’re treated at eternalbeing, you can contact us for help and guidance for as long as needed. We offer a holistic approach to all treatments. Something you may think is not important, it is important to us.

Benefits of Cancer Touch Therapy

Sedates Nervous System

Sedates of stimulates the nervous system depending on modality used

Mental Benefits

Improves alertness and mental clarity


Cancer Touch Therapy improves sleep


Provides relief from isolation

Body Image

Re-establishes a positive body image

Patient Involvement

Gives patients a sense of participation in their healing process


  • Cancer touch therapies

    30 minutes
  • Cancer touch therapies


    55 minutes

  • Cancer touch therapies


    90 minutes

Important Details: We request 48hours notice of cancellation. Should you fail to cancel within these guidelines a 50% charge will apply. All no shows and same day cancellations will be charged the full cost of the treatment. All treatments are by appointment only and require card details to secure your booking. (50% deposit will be taken at the time of booking)

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