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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis can best be described as when a person’s mind enters an altered state of consciousness, like daydreaming. You are not in a deep sleep and not aware of what’s going on around you, you are awake the whole time, but in a deep trance like state. When in this trance state, the subconscious mind becomes extremely active and is more alert and imaginative than during a normal awake state. It’s at this point your subconscious mind takes over from your consciousness and facilitates great change.

Types of Hypnotherapy:

Stop Smoking in 1 Session

£395 2 hour

How many times have you tried to quit cigarettes? Do you want to lead a healthier smoke-free life? Now you can stop smoking, for good, in one easy session. With unique, successful and advanced hypnosis techniques you can finally be a non-smoker once and for all. Hypnosis is widely recognised and promoted as a highly successful technique to stop smoking with the benefits of improved health and improved finances!

Weight Management

Losing weight can be hard enough, keeping it off can be even harder – but not with hypnotherapy. Rather then rely on fad diets that force your weight to yo-yo, hypnotherapy for weight management helps to remove cravings and make positive, healthy food choices as well as being satisfied with smaller portions. Struggling with your weight, fed up of diets never working, can’t keep weight off? This could be for you, lose weight fast and eat healthily with hypnotic weight management.

Stress, Anxiety Issues


Living with stress and anxiety issues can often manifest itself into physical and mental illness that will impact your daily life. This can be at home or work, affecting your productivity, relationships with friends, family and loved ones.

Hypnotherapy has the ability to deal with your subconscious mind where deep rooted often suppressed memories affect your body’s natural process – keeping you in that anxious state. You don’t need to let this affect you any more, gain freedom from unwanted stress and strain to your mind and body.

Clinical Hypnotherapy with Counselling Support

£125 90 min

Struggling with addictions, body and confidence, business and personal development, fears or phobias? Your health and well being, relationships, bereavement?

Hypnotherapy is suitable for numerous conditions so don’t worry if your condition or therapy is not listed as I can and will devise bespoke solutions to tackle your needs. I offer a free telephone consultation so you can see if you are comfortable with going ahead and that I can help you – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sexual Issues


Hypnotherapy can help you with sexual Issues. Differences in sexual desire and sexual style are normal and inevitable in relationships. It is how you handle these differences that makes the difference. Hypnotherapy can help you let go of sexual anxiety and its related sexual issues. It’s common that the root of these difficulties are psychological.

Sexual Anxiety over one’s sexual performance, expectations and past experiences can all contribute to sexual difficulties and related sexual problems.

Many men and women struggle with sexual performance issues which can cause further anxieties and concerns regarding the future of their relationship.I can help you overcome sexual issues, please do get in touch. 

What to expect from your visit

You have complete control throughout the session and you are awake, you could choose to end the therapy at any point if you wished. As your therapist I will guide you safely using professional techniques to achieve the results that we have previously agreed upon during consultation.

Your subconscious mind listens to my voice in a subliminal way and when I talk directly to your subconscious mind in this deeply relaxed state, this is then where we make the positive suggestions that automatically sit comfortably in your mind. When you come back into full conscious awareness these thoughts are enacted immediately.

All you need to do is truly want to change and be committed to it. Then you can sit back and relax in safety and comfort and let me do the rest. Often people have secondary conditions bought on by the presenting issue and we can review these independently, but an immediate and lasting change can be made that easily.


  • Stop Smoking in 1 Session


    2 hours

  • Weight Management Hypnotherapy


    90 minute

  • Sexual Issues


    90 minutes

  • Stress, Anxiety Issues


    90 minutes

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy with Counselling Support


    90 minutes

Important Details: We request 48hours notice of cancellation. Should you fail to cancel within these guidelines a 50% charge will apply. All no shows and same day cancellations will be charged the full cost of the treatment. All treatments are by appointment only and require card details to secure your booking. (50% deposit will be taken at the time of booking)

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