Meet the Team
  • Michelle’s Story

    Michelle started having Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments after suffering with IBS for years and a friend recommended her to go for a treatment.

    “I am very passionate about spreading the word as to how colonic hydrotherapy (also known as colonic irrigation) has changed my own life. I know only too well the misery and upset that IBS can cause, having suffered with this condition since my teens and tried various different treatments to no avail. I am here to help and educate many people who go through their daily lives feeling uncomfortable, bloated, overweight, stressed and drained of energy” Michelle studied and graduated from the Chi Centre as therapist. She has a wonderful passion about what she does and wants to spread the word about colonics and all the benefits it has given her and how it has changed her life. Michelle gained her experience at Inner Detox and she then went on to spread her wings and opened her own business as an advanced therapist as she knew the treatment could be so much more and she and Eternalbeing’s other therapists want to spread the word and educate people on how to look after themselves and how colon hydrotherapy can change their lives and reverse the ageing process.

    Michelle has also appeared on local radio promoting the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy and talking a little about her experiences and how it has helped her. Michelle belongs to the fellowship of the Complementary Medical Association.

  • Qualifications

    Michelle holds recognised qualifications I-ACT Level 3 Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy and Facial diagnostics. She was trained by THE CHI CENTRE FOR PRACTICAL DETOXIFICATION @ Wellbeing Now (Now part of RICTAT). An I-ACT, G-PACT, RICTAT AND CMA approved training centre that provides postgraduate education & schooling for holistic and beauty.

    Michelle’s tutors at the Chi Centre: Galina Imrie, certified I-ACT trainer, is an established published author and radio and TV personality Galina Imrie MA, Ed (1981) MA Ed, Educator, Author and Journalist. Chi Centre Principal; Head Trainer; Colon Hydrotherapy, Nutrition and Coaching for Health and Fitness, Live Blood Microscopy, Bodywork for colon therapists. (Retired)

    Shoela Detsios is a lecturer in nutrition and detoxification for Nourish and the Thames Valley University with the headquarters in West London. (no longer working with the chi centre but as an independent nutrition and holistic advisor)

    Michelle is a highly trained therapist in Colonic Hydrotherapy and she was one of the first four in the U.K to qualify as a Facial Diagnostic therapist at the Chi Centre. Michelle aims to educate her clients about the life changing effects that colonic hydrotherapy can have and the importance of having a healthy colon as key to maintaining good health.

    Michelle’s specialisms

    Facial diagnosis, Cannabis science and Therapeutics for pharmacists, Wellness Coach, Cancer touch therapy practitioner

    Cambridge nutrition food intolerance Practitioner 

    Advanced Phlebotomy and venipuncture

    Stool and saliva testing and analysis, Fitness Personal training, Vaccinator level 5, I.V infusions and drips level 5, Covid-19 tests.  Antibodies blood tests and long term covid.

    Level 4 Massage practitioner, Skin specialist, Breathwork, Emotional wellbeing and mental health Therapist

  • Fitness Training

    Michelle is also a fitness instructor. She is qualified as a fitness trainer through the YMCA and OCR. She specialises in Pilates & Core stability. She also teaches Aerobics, Dance, Aqua & Gym, Weights & Conditioning. Michelle is qualified in and teaches BTS fitness Body programmes, Body Attack, Body Pump, RPM, and Body Combat at many health and fitness clubs in Leicestershire.

  • Boo’s Story

    I started out as a patient of Eternalbeing Detox clinic having suffered with IBS for 6 years. After having a course of treatments & detoxing my IBS was under control. This changed my life and I then went on to become a qualified colonic hydrotherapist which lead on me gaining my advanced colonic hydrotherapy qualification and holistic nutrition. Wanting to further explore the holistic approach to therapies (healing the mind body and soul) This lead me to become qualified in Indian head massage & Thai Foot massage. 

  • Qualifications

    I studied with the Midland Colonic Training school,  obtaining my qualification in advanced colonic hydrotherapy & holistic nutrition. I am also a member of RICTAT & GRCCT.

    I have over 20 years of experience working with people within the service industry. My background in these areas adds to my immense knowledge, skill and understanding regarding the complexity of human behaviour, but more importantly our inner ability to make the necessary changes.

  • Shelly’s Story

    My name is Shelly and I am a registered and licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor.
    My aim is to provide high quality private therapy in a professional, therapeutic environment away from the turmoil of everyday life.
    Hypnotherapy and Counselling can improve many aspects of your life, such as;
    🌱 Freedom from Unwanted Habits – Smoking, OCD, Addictions
    🌱 Gain Control of your Life – Weight Management, Pain, Stress
    🌱Conquer Fears and Phobias – Flying, The Dentist, Panic Attacks, Anxiety
    🌱 Achieve Personal Growth – Confidence, Self Esteem, Relationships.

  • Qualifications

    I am fully qualified and experienced BACP Counselling Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, having studied and completed the Counselling Advanced Diploma accredited to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, which is the only officially recognised government organisation for counsellors. I’m also a fully registered member of:

    • The BACP – The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy
    • The CNHC – The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council
    • The GHR – The General Hypnotherapy Register
    • The CMA – The Complementary Medicine Association
    • The AWLH – Association of Weightloss Hypnotherapists

    Fully insured £5M plus with Towergate.
    Belong to governing bodies.