Rhianne Draycott

14th June 2023

Around 12 months ago, I became really ill. I was starting to become allergic to many foods & was in constant pain with my stomach – to the point I’d be crouched over, unable to move for a few minutes until the pain passed. I was constantly fatigued & never having any energy to do anything, but I just carried on. I had the most painful mouth ulcers every few days & my sleep was absolutely dreadful. 

I’d been in and out of the doctors, blood tests and checks but they said there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, diagnosed me with ‘IBS’ and basically fobbed me off. 

A few months passed and I just kept getting worse. I was starting to feel worse and by this point I was either passing out or my legs were that weak some days that they’d just give way (they constantly felt like jelly). I’d crave chocolate or anything sugary just to stabilise my bloods- this then got out of control, and I was drinking between 3-4 bottles of coke a day & my eating habits became poor. It consisted of ready meals and shop sandwiches, and usually takeaways. 

The first photo doesn’t do my stomach justice, I’d bloat after every meal and look as if I was 6 months pregnant, but the pain that went with it was unbearable. Nothing fit me anymore and I just wanted to live in baggy clothes or anything that wasn’t tight around my stomach. 

It got to a point where I just completely gave up with myself, how I looked, how I dressed, and my hair would be scraped back- I didn’t care anymore. My skin was bright red constantly and so sore. I didn’t want to be seen without any makeup on. I’d hit the lowest I’d ever been mentally and physically and didn’t know where else to turn. 

I decided it was time to go private & that’s when I found Michelle @ Eternal Being. Straight away Michelle already knew what the problem was, but she sent me straight for testing just to be sure. 

I’ve been undergoing treatment after a diagnosis of a condition called ‘dysposis’ along with a few other things. My body cannot break down the carbohydrates found in most things containing yeast and gluten. This is what was causing the chronic stomach pain, the food allergies to the most random things and the severe bloating all over my body… including my face. I thought I was just putting on weight and being unable to shift it, but it was all water retention & bloating. 

I can now only eat a gluten free diet & I’ll be honest; it hasn’t been an easy ride. It’s been challenging, especially right at the start, but it has been so worth it. 

If I hadn’t found Michelle when I did, I would have been heading towards some serious health problems, so I was so glad she got to me when she did. I still see her, but only so often now just to make sure everything is still going well. 

The transformation in my body & mental health is incredible. I can finally love me againheart

Wow, this woman is a superwoman! She has completely changed my life & for that I am so bloody grateful heartpulse



Rhianne Draycott – Aged 25