15th June 2023

Michelle is a miracle worker 🙌
After years being in and out of doctors, having multiple blood tests telling me there’s nothing going on, yet having a list of symptoms as long as my arm, I reached break point. I was told by doctors that I have Fibromyalgia which felt like a crescendo to all the things building up physically, emotionally and mentally over the years.

At the age of 28, I’d lost myself and my confidence. My energy to do everyday tasks vanished, let alone my hobbies, and my bubbly old self felt like a distant memory. I was replaced by a chronically fatigued, bloated person on a hormonal rollercoaster, who randomly flared up and who I didn’t recognise in the mirror. My body was fighting me in a viscous cycle, affecting my mental health, my work, my relationships and preventing me from just being happy.

Thats when I put my faith in Michelle, and my god am I glad I did. Within 6 months of treatments and support, I finally felt like a weight was lifting physically and emotionally. I was getting in control of my body, starting to feel like myself, could see progress in my weight and had a clear head to make decisions. We had a goal to work towards and Michelle got me there without it feeling like a scary or overwhelming task. It’s amazing how eating the right foods for your body and following a treatment plan without going on a crash diet or fitness spree can change so much, not just with how you look, but how you feel.

I’m now in a routine that works for my lifestyle and is keeping my Fibro under wraps. I’ll forever be grateful to Michelle for helping me get me back! I only wish I met her sooner and didn’t have to buy a new wardrobe of clothes!