3 Ways to look after your gut

14th April 2022

What does self-care look like to you? For some people it may include taking a bath with a book, for others, it may include getting a beauty treatment, but at Eternal Being, we believe that self-care should start on the inside, specifically in your gut.

Research shows that gut health may affect other areas of wellness such as your energy, your sexual health and even your immunity. So, if you’re struggling with gut problems, you’re in the right place. Here are 3 ways to look after your gut!

Eat the Rainbow

Eating fruits and vegetables is essential to maintaining a healthy gut as both are excellent sources of fibre. Our gut’s good bacteria use this for food, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies strong. Some examples of foods that are good for your gut include:

  • Artichokes
  • Onions
  • Bananas 
  • Asparagus
  • Raspberries
  • Watermelon 

Alcohol consumption

Most of us enjoy a glass of wine with our dinner or the occasional cocktail however, alcohol can affect your gut health. Alcohol is often associated with poor gut health so we recommend sticking to no more than one alcoholic beverage a day for women, and no more than two for men. 

Watch out for added sugars

While we all love the occasional cookie and bowl of ice cream, unfortunately, they don’t do wonders for our health or our gut. This is because added sugars lower the amount of good gut bacteria in a microbiome while simultaneously increasing potentially harmful bacteria. 

In addition to this, refined sugar can also cause inflammation, and weight gain and can increase chronic disease. 

Unfortunately added sugars may also be hiding in the places you wouldn’t expect like yoghurt, salad dressings, dried fruit and granola. So we recommend reading the labels of everything very carefully. 

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