3 Gentle Exercise Ideas For Spring

29th April 2022

As the nights get lighter and the weather begins to warm up, the motivation to start moving more comes. We understand that not everyone wants to do full-on cardio-intensive HITT workouts, which is why we have put together 3 gentle exercise ideas that are perfect for the Spring months. 


Walking can be one of the easiest ways to exercise when you have a busy lifestyle. Now Spring has sprung, making the most of the brighter evening and the weather warming up will not only be a great form of general exercise but will also help your mental health. 

There are a few ways you can add walking into your daily routine: 

  • Walk to and from work 
  • Make the most of your lunch breaks and get out for a walk
  • Make the most of the light evening and get out for a walk with your family

The other great thing about walking is that you can challenge yourself to walk further each week or use this time away from your phone and computers to focus on yourself. 


Another form of gentle exercise that we love here at Eternalbeing is Swimming. Swimming laps in a pool, treading water while talking to friends or even taking part in water aerobics are all brilliant ways to take on some gentle exercise this Spring. 

There are plenty of great leisure centres across the UK, that will allow you to use their indoor pools. 


Yoga is great to take part in all year round, however, Vinyasa yoga is a really gentle exercise and it is a brilliant way to wake up your body and mind in Spring. Vinyasa yoga is also known as ‘flow yoga’ and is perfect for those who haven’t tried yoga before. It is all about focusing on your breathing and movements that flow together into a sequence. This type of yoga is not just great for getting your body moving but it also helps to reduce any feelings of stress and it can help increase flexibility within your body. 

If you want to try out Vinyasa yoga, there are lots of free videos on YouTube, meaning you can learn and do this at home or in the garden! 

Carrying our gentle exercise each day, will not only be great for you and your physical health but also your mental health. If you’re interested in other ways to look after your body and mind, visit our blog today.