The basic things to know about a colonic with Eternalbeing

1st March 2020

Eternalbeing was started to help people and change lives for the better. At EternalBeing our ethos has always been ‘Mind, body and soul’ and without treating all these aspects the treatment would be less effective. We design our treatments to fit alongside and amplify western medicine with our signature holistic approach, we never stop learning and are always looking to improve ourselves and our treatments.

All our treatments fit around our ethos of ‘Mind, body and soul’. We specialise in massage and sports injury, colonics & enemas, blood tests and intolerance testing. We also offer skin analysis, detoxing, cancer touch therapies and manual lymph drainage- specialising in post-surgery and lymphoedema, clinical counselling & hypnotherapy and nutrition to mention just a few.

So, what is colon hydrotherapy? 

Our signature Colonic Hydrotherapy- sometimes referred to as colonic irrigation, is an increasingly popular way to gently cleanse the body of any unwanted toxins and faecal matter, and swiftly return the system to a healthy, natural rhythm. We introduce temperature and pressure-controlled triple filtered water to remove unwanted toxins from rectum and large intestine at the same time we explore your diet and wellbeing to locate the triggers for your digestive complaint.

How does it work if I book with you?

To book, you can call, email or visit our online booking system. Once you have booked, one of our trained practitioners will call you to run through how to prepare for your treatment, we will also ensure the treatment you are looking at is suitable for you as symptoms and causes and reasons for the treatment may be different. Once your treatment is secured, you need to follow our basic preparation email, complete our consultation form and last but not least drink plenty of water!

There are so many different types of colonics! How do I know which one is for me? 

All you have to do is select our initial colonic, one of our team will call you, discuss your symptoms and assess which treatment is the best fit for you and your goals. Once you have had your treatment, we will build a treatment plan so you know what you need to book for the future!

How do I prepare for a colonic? 

Drink plenty of water, eat on the day (don’t fast). Avoid spicy food, alcohol and fizzy drinks for 24hours either side of the treatment and most importantly relax!

What does a colonic feel like? 

Like a gentle warm bath with a little gurgle in your tummy!

Will a colonic be messy or smelly? 

Absolutely not! We use a closed system, without going into detail, it means all mess and smells are whisked away without you having to worry about a thing.

Are colonics safe? 

Being an essentially natural process, there is virtually no danger with a colonic. Our intent is to provide a safe and healthy treatment so that you do not have to worry. Cleaning and sterilisation of the necessary equipment are done as normal procedure and clean linen is used for each colonic. High standards of cleaning are paramount, along with the use of disposable speculums and tubing to ensure that there is no risk of cross-contamination. All the water in the treatment is triple filtered and temperature and pressure controlled. The equipment is serviced and maintained regularly by the manufacturer to ensure that you get the safest treatment possible.

How do I know if a colonic will help me?                  

Ask yourself these questions, do you ever feel bloated, or constipated or feel as though you have unfinished business when you go to the toilet? Do you suffer from diarrhoea, only go to the bathroom every couple of days or constantly going to the loo? Do you suffer from IBS, IDB, are you suffering from joint aches and pains, swelling to joints? Are you suffering from PMS, PMT or symptoms of the menopause? Or do you just want to feel lighter, clearer minded with more energy or detox or lose weight.

If you answered yes to any of these then yes, we can help you. Colonics can also help with depression and balancing your gut flora or auto-immune diseases.

What are the top reasons that people have colonics for? 

In short bloating, IBS, constipation, to get back to a normal bowel rhythm and to just feel better.

How many colonics will I need and how often? 

That totally depends on your symptoms and causes for your treatment and how closely you follow our recommendations.

How is Colon Hydrotherapy different from enemas? 

An enema only acts on the rectum and the lower bowel and roughly only uses one litre of water, where a colonic not only works on the rectum and lower bowel but also all the way along the large intestine. Enemas are fantastic as a medium to add implants into the bowel. We offer coffee enemas to support liver function or magnesium to relax muscles.

Will laxative accomplish the same result?

Short term, a laxative will work like an enema but the real danger of laxatives is the fact that the body adjusts to them very quickly and this forces a dependency on the laxative use, in turn, weakening the muscles of the bowel making the bowel lazier and further increasing the issues you had.

How do toxins accumulate in the body? 

A very complex question but put as simply as we can, poor diet, processed foods, lack of water, lack of variety in your diet, stress, emotional upset, prescription and non-prescription drugs, alcohol to name just a few reasons.

How many daily movements does a healthy bowel have? 

Approximately twice a day.

Why is it important to look after your gut? 

Your gut is your second brain hard wired to our old part of our brains. So when you talk about your gut instinct it’s a real thing. Our gut flora can affect our health and has recently been linked to depression, moods, autoimmune response, scientists are currently researching links to cancer and gut flora, as well as preventing bloating, wind and IBS.

Will I lose weight after a colonic? 

You could instantly if you are very constipated by removing impacted waste, but if you follow our recommendations to the letter you will also lose weight in the long term too- if that’s what you are looking for.

I get really bad bloating, how will a colonic help me? 

Yes, a colonic can easily move gas/wind build-up which causes the bloating we see this every day.

I get really bad period pains and cramps, will a colonic make them worse? 

Quite the opposite. A colonic helps to relax the tummy removing the pressure that causes the period pains and the hormones that are released during your period help to relax your bowel so this can be a great time for a colonic.

I have MS, is a colonic right for me? 

We have found our MS clients benefit from our signature detox which includes colonics to relax the body and reduce the body’s autoimmune response.

What other benefits are there to having a colonic?

Improved sleep, better skin condition, better levels of hydration.

What are the long term benefits?

Reducing the likelihood of degenerative digestive complaints, improved metabolism, better bowel motility.

What medical issues can colonics help with? 

Eczema, depression, IBS, menopause, fibromyalgia to mention a few.

What detox programmes do eternal being offer and what are the benefits of them? 

Our detox packages are tailored to the individual they can be built around the client’s goals whether that is to detox after overindulgence or to support health improvements, kick start a weight loss or to help with chronic illness we build a package for them with a diet guide included.