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Preventing Constipation With Probiotics

Are you constipated? I know – it’s a direct question, and one you may only answer to yourself! Yet, you’re certainly not alone – it happens to nearly all of us at some point. According to an in-depth report from health company Coloplast, in 2014/15 the total cost to hospitals for treating unplanned admissions due to constipation was £145 million!

So why is constipation always been and still is such a common issue? There are numerous reasons people get constipated: diet, stress, dehydration, food allergies, medications, pregnancy and a lack of movement, just to name a few! The good news is that there are certain things you can do to help clear your system that doesn’t include laxatives or other prescriptions – which can do more damage than actually help.

However, it’s becoming increasingly clear the important role a healthy gut plays in our overall health, including digestion. Depending on the health of your gut’s bacteria, it may be best for you to completely heal your gut. Although, regardless of where you find yourself on the healthy gut spectrum, probiotics could be a great place to start!

The Power of Probiotics

Probiotics are the good bugs that assist in breaking down foods after we’ve eaten them, in addition to a wealth of other tasks. Some examples of such tasks that help digestion in some way are:

  • Breaking down tough plant fibers which act as prebiotics

If you want healthy gut flora, it is vital to eat a range of fruits and vegetables to feed the bacteria. Eat loads of leafy greens, squash, sweet potatoes, pears, apples and berries.

  • Change the way we store fat.

Research has shown that obese people tend to have far fewer species and variety of bacteria than lean people. A wider range of good bacteria can improve the use and storage of fat.

  • Help break down toxins and waste products

As probiotics help ease bowel movement, more waste and toxins can be emptied out of the body.

More Scientific Evidence

Researchers at King’s College London conducted 14 studies about probiotics and discovered that probiotics:

  • Increased “gut transit time” by 12.4 hours. This basically means a lot more time for us to digest food!
  • Raised the number of weekly bowel movements by 1.3.
  • Helped soften stools, allowing them to pass smoother.
  • Seemed to be the most effective when containing Bifidobacterium.
  • Not only helped reduce constipation but also helped prevent diarrhoea.

With all these advantages of probiotics in mind, it’s still really important – perhaps even MORE important – to FEED the good bacteria. Fermented foods are an example of rich sources of bacteria. It’s highly recommended to eat fermented foods every single day.

When you start taking probiotics, you might feel a bit bloated or gassy. This is expected when you introduce new bacteria to your gut, as it learns to adjust over time. After a while, you’ll have a happier gut and be far less likely to have an inner blockage crisis!
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