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  • Usually, after a fun night out, we all feel tired, lacking energy, and not able to work. If this is what you’re feeling, then a hangover patch is all you need.  Alcohol is a diuretic, and drinking it means that you tend to pee a lot more than normal, thus flushing important nutrients such as the vitamin B complex.

    Yet, using the Hangover Patch, your skin absorbs nutrients out of the patch, counteracting some of alcohol’s rather negative effects on your body. Unlike traditional energy drinks, the Hangover Patch doesn’t rely on stimulants or other chemicals to boost energy. 

    The patches release a steady stream of all-natural vitamins into the bloodstream, providing the body with the nutrients it needs to fight symptoms associated with the hangover and protect your body. Easy to use, they are much more convenient than taking multiple daily supplements. So, hangover patches are worth considering if you’re looking for a way to alleviate hangover symptoms.

    How do they work?

    . The discreet, skin-friendly patch contains a special formula that allows a controlled release of natural vitamins and other active ingredients to be absorbed through your skin.

    How to use the eternalbeing Hangover Patches

    To use our patches, you have to stick the thin, hydrocolloid patch to a relatively hair-free area of your skin. For example, you can stick the patch to your arm, shoulder, lower back or thigh before you begin your day.

    Over the course of 8-10 hours after applying a patch, your body’s natural heat activates the patch and causes it to release the active ingredients. It also features patch activation technology, where you can increase the soothing odours by gently rubbing the symbol on the patch.

    Key Benefits

    • Super easy to use
    • Vegetarian & gluten-free
    • All-natural ingredients
    • Lab verified
    • Waterproof
    • 4 patches per pack


    Use one patch per day. Store in a cool, dry location.

    If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, seek medical advice from a professional or your GP before use.

    Did you know… ? 

    • According to the NHS, it takes, on average, about one hour for your body to break down one unit of alcohol.
    • Glutathione. This is a powerful antioxidant produced naturally in the body, which helps with the function of the immune system and counters hangover symptoms by reducing the body’s acetaldehyde toxicity.
    • Milk Thistle Extract. This extract is used to protect the Liver. Milk Thistle is regularly used as a complementary therapy by people who have liver damage due to conditions like alcoholic liver disease.
    • Vitamin B1, B2 & B3. They are beneficial in protecting the body from the degenerative effects of ageing, smoking and alcohol consumption. The antioxidant properties of vitamin B complex help combat hangover effects from neuropathy and decreased nerve function.


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