Detox Husks (Organic) Subscription

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  • Detox Husk Powder

    Detox Husk Powder, provides a 100% pure, premium source of organic dietary fibre, with 1.6g in a single 2g serving.

    Our Detox Husk Powder is a 100% pure, highly soluble source of fibre derived from the seed of the Plantago ovata plant. It’s ground to a fine powder for easy mixing, making a great ingredient for mixing in with your regular formulas for an extra dose of fibre.

    Unlike the whole psyllium husks that you usually find for sale, our finely ground pure psyllium husk powder is perfect for adding to shakes and smoothies to increase fibre consumption. Fibre is essential for healthy digestion, and our psyllium husk powder is a convenient and highly soluble way to integrate it into your diet.

    The Purpose

    Our Detox Husk Powder is suitable for anyone looking for a convenient way to increase their fibre intake and maintain healthy digestion, ideal for mixing in with your favourite everyday formula. We recommend this for people suffering from constipation and doesn’t want to use laxatives or senna


    • Highly Soluble
      Finely ground powder makes it easy to mix into drinks.
    • High in Fibre
      1.6g of fibre per serving makes it a great source of dietary fibre.
    • 100% Natural
      Derived from the Plantago ovata plant.
    • Focus on Fibre
      Under 1g of fat and carbohydrates per serving.


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