Full spectrum CBD Oil 1200


The Eternalbeing 1200mg full spectrum CBD oil formulation offers an intermediate level of hemp extract in terms of milligram amount that is ideal for everyday, all-around use.


NOW IN 10ml (200 drops)  OR NEW 15ml (300 drops)

  • The eternalbeing CBD oil 1200mg  range is flavourless, which means you may get a slightly “earthy” taste from the oil. Using it involves placing a full serving beneath the tongue, holding for 60-90 seconds, and swallowing. You also have the option of adding your 12% Eternalbeing full spectrum CBD oil to food or drinks if the taste is a little strong for your liking. There is approximately 6mg of CBD in every drop, so you don’t need to use much to get the amount of cannabidiol you want.

    Of course, it is possible to use Eternalbeing 1200mg CBD Oil daily. The cannabidiol is derived from pure, high-quality hemp grown organically in Europe. As well as being non-GMO, our oil extract comes from plants that were grown without the use of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, or other harsh chemicals

    How Much of the 1200mg CBD Oil UK Should I Use?
    Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast procedure when it comes to how much CBD you should take. ‘Typical’ daily consumption will vary from individual to individual based on a variety of needs.

    There is also the question of deciding why you are using CBD. Some people begin with 5-10mg per day, and increase as necessary. If you use Eternalbeing CBD oil 1200mg in the UK, just two drops will give you 12mg of CBD. You could try a single drop in the morning or evening, or both at once.

    Olea Europaea, Hemp Plant Extract.