Stress Rugby Ball


When you need a daily form of diversion in your routine to refresh, using a stress ball can be very handy. It can help you concentrate, relieve and relax unnecessary tension and cut away the clutter of noises. This is also something workaholics can use in the office. Try it and you will see a difference

  • Description

    Using a stress ball not only exercises the stressed muscles around your wrist area and your arm, but it also gives you a mini-workout. Just a few simple daily hand exercises by squeezing a stress ball can help rehabilitate and strengthen your hand wrists and forearms.

    Take the stress out of everyday life with IMPACT sports rugby ball-shaped stress reliever. Our foam Rugby themed stress ball is small enough for your desk or you can even fit it in your pocket for those extra stressed days.

    Are you or a friend a fanatical rugby fan and get stressed watching your team? Do you sit on the edge of your seat then this stress ball is perfect for you give your stress ball a squeeze and let it ease your nerves of the tense match? The stress reliever comes in black and white and is branded with IMPACT Sports log.

  • Additional Information

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