Sage 2500mg (90)


Practitioners have used sage for many years for the treatment of hot flushes.

  • Much more than just a culinary herb, sage has traditionally been associated with longevity, with a reputation for restoring memory in the elderly and has been used by herbalists for centuries for a variety of conditions.

    Practitioners have used sage for many years for the treatment of hot flushes, a use supported by some studies and an area of real interest amongst scientists at the current time with many new investigations underway.

    Sage is hailed as a mild phyto-oestrogen which means that whilst not chemically related, it does have some similarities to oestrogen. So whilst the herb cannot elicit a full oestrogen-like effect on the body in the sense that, for example, it can’t alter the level of oestrogen in the blood, it is able to bind to oestrogen receptors and this probably accounts for its ability to help alleviate adverse menopausal symptoms.

    We only use a high-grade sage extract that has a guaranteed level of 2.5% rosmarinic acid (the main active compound in sage).

    Product Specifications
    Typically per tablet:

    (provided by 500mg of a 5:1 extract)

    Providing 2.5% rosmarinic acid


    1 tablet daily with a meal.

    Caution: Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.


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