Provacan CBD Skin & Body Balm


PROVACAN CBD Skin & Body Balm with Beeswax 30ml

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OPROVACAN: Hemp Balm with 1% CBD

CBD based balm is designed for fast all natural relief. It’s infused with the highest quality hemp extract and proprietary ingredients for longer lasting and more dynamic relief.

Give yourself the radiant and smooth skin glow which you have always desired with our special Provacan CBD Balm specially formulated with Beeswax, this is an excellent option in sustaining and maintaining a radiant skin texture and tone. Provacan CBD Balm will help eliminate dry skin, and boost overall confidence.

This unique skin care product is composed 100% natural extract of premium quality EU cultivated hemp. Our hemp extracted balm hich contains active agents that work effectively at revitalizing your skin by maintaining skin cells and giving you an unbridled soothing feeling. You also get the treat of perfect skin conditioning and moisturizing treatment of our special selection of botanical extracts including coconut oil, beeswax, shea and cocoa butter, grape seed oil, Madagascar vanilla, and Rosemary essence. Our Provacan CBD Balm is the ideal option for anyone looking to maintain and promote a youthful skin glow.