Premium Gold CBD Oil Spray


CBD used in the Provacan Premium Gold range is of the highest quality, rigorously tested to meet high standards of compliance.

  • The unique CBD formula has been extracted with the latest methods, before being screened extensively for purity and safety. The CBD oil contains a unique terpene blend further enhancing the entourage effect. Provacan Premium Gold also guarantees zero THC made possible through their advanced extraction methods. This results in one of the purest CBD product ranges on the market.

    Provacan represents the UK standard in quality CBD products, providing quality, third-party tested and all-natural CBD.

    Provacan is the flagship brand from the CiiTech portfolio, a cannabis biotech company that focuses on discovering and developing cannabis products for the wellness market. Their team includes researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where CBD was first discovered and isolated in 1963. Their researchers deliver world leading CBD products and formulations, for CiiTech brands to bring the best of Israel’s cannabis, science, and tech to the UK.

    Provacan is the brand of choice for trusted products, born from decades of research. They lead with the motto ‘CBD Inspired by Science, a Brand You Can Trust’.