Physical Health Sorted, but Still Feeling Lost?

8th July 2022

You’ve got your workout plan sorted, you are starting to understand which foods are healthier, and you have the occasional homemade smoothie. But you’re still feeling down, sad and/or unmotivated? Both sides of your health – physical and mental – are important. Deepak Chopra believes that everyone can discover an internal place where they can build the mindset that everything is possible. To find this place, you’ll need to start to include your mental health into your routine.

How to Improve Your Mental Wellness?

It is very normal to feel down or lost sometimes, even with healthy meals and an exercise routine sorted. This is the time to start to explore mental well-being exercises and start a routine. Start to understand yourself and your mental well-being, although everyone is different there are a number of helpful well-being exercises that can help you balance your physical and mental health routine. 

Mental Health and Well-being Exercises:

  • Meditation
  • Gratitude exercises
  • Journaling 
  • Mindfulness exercises

All of these will help reduce stress, and anxiety and put recent thoughts into perspective. However, what works for you might be different for others, don’t feel pressured to follow well-being trends. Do what works for you! 

It is important to try multiple exercises, this is so you can switch it up and not get bored. These exercises are meant to be calming, not boring. Trying new and different well-being exercises will help you see what works best for you.

Rest Days Are Important

It is NOT being lazy if you have a rest day, or by taking that nap, listen to your body! Take a minute from your day and take a breather, especially when you feel stressed. This will help put things into perspective, and hopefully, reduce your stress or anxieties about your current activity. Remember you can do this! Furthermore, this could help prompt you to balance out your work-life balance.

Feel Like You’ve Lost Yourself? 

Mental health is not easy to maintain, you’re not alone. Try to get into a routine with both your mental and physical health. As time goes on you’ll be able to discover what works best for you, remember to have multiple wellbeing activities, not just one and mix it up. It is important to understand life does get in the way, so don’t stress if you can’t keep to a full, timed routine, just do it when you can. Don’t let mindfulness become a chore.

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