Our Top Tips To Improve Your Digestion

2nd September 2022

It is a well-known fact that what you eat directly affects your digestion, you should ‘eat well to feel well’. At the end of the day, what you eat will become a part of you. However, do you know what else you should be doing for good digestion? This blog will give you all of our top tricks and tips on how to improve digestion. 

Would you prefer a boring, beige plate of chicken nuggets or a bold and vibrant plate of colourful vegetables? Let’s hope it is the vegetables as this ‘real’, fresh food has many more benefits for your digestion. 

Good digestion is so important, as during digestion your body absorbs vital nutrients that it needs. This means, that even if you have a super healthy and nutrient-packed diet, if your digestion still isn’t very good, your body won’t be absorbing as much of the all-important nutrients that can affect your whole body, anything from mental health to your energy levels. 

Ever wondered why you have digestion problems? Digestion problems can be from a whole list of reasons, from being sensitive to certain foods to having unhealthy habits, not having enough exercise or day-to-day pressures such as stress. Stress can majorly affect your digestion; your gut is dubbed to be your second brain due to how closely they are linked. For example, when you are really stressed, your body will focus its energy on dealing with the stress and putting the stress response into action,  pushing processes like digestion further down its priority list, to wait until the stress has disappeared. 

In fact, digestion problems can be from a combination of reasons, along with leading to bloating. These digestion problems are leading to you not completely absorbing nutrients, something you want to avoid.

How can I improve my digestion?

  1. Exercise! 

Whether that’s a morning jog, or something with less impact like yoga, incorporating more exercise into your lifestyle will help to reduce your levels of stress and release feel-good endorphins. You might surprise yourself and find that you quite enjoy it!

  1. Eat your meals slowly.

Ensure you are sufficiently chewing each bite, try to do it until it’s a different texture than the texture that it entered your mouth. Rushing your food will not help your digestion; your body needs time to process and digest it.

  1. Focus on eating.

When you are eating, focus solely on eating and nothing else. Don’t watch TV or distract yourself, instead focus on eating and having proper conversations. This will allow you to completely focus on eating, making you more mindful of what you consume.If you have liked reading this blog and want more digestion tips and trips, click here to read our other blogs.