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Great service! Michelle was so welcoming and friendly and is passionate about making people feel their best! Will be recommending and revisiting 😊
Michelle, you are truly amazing!
Every time I visited I leave with new information and knowledge and I’m grateful for your wealth of knowledge.
You are beautiful in and out and your expertise and professionalism is impressive.
A true inspiration!
Thank you for all your help and ongoing help. You’ve helped me in ways I can’t even help myself (haha)
Highly recommended and an investment into your health and wellbeing.
I was told by a private gastroenterologist I had a dropped large intestine and will be on laxatives for the rest of my life (now 36) they were making me fee horrible and not getting rid of the full compacted problem. I spoke to Michelle and she put everything into perspective and assured me that she can help. I had my first appointment last night and wow it was fantastic, I was extremely nervous but Michelle calmed me down. I can honestly say she has changed my life already, I don’t feel bloated, tired, grumpy or in any pain and that is the first appointment. Chucked the laxatives away and believe Michelle can train my bowels to behave and act normal. I cannot recommend Michelle enough. Thank you so much. 😊
Was in a bad way and was feeling really bad. I contacted Eternal Being and talked through my problems with Michelle, and made an appointment. I got immediate relief and over a few sessions got back to normal from really bad inflammation. Michelle was brilliant and gave me great advice and treatment. I would highly recommend getting a consultation if you have any issues. Thanks Michelle. Richard 👍🙂
Michelle is so tuned in to your body and knows what it needs. I have regular colonic treatments and feel fantastic. After having major ankle surgery late November 2023, I had a lymphatic massage to help my body recover. AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Michelle
Where do I start to tell you my journey with Michelle at Eternalbeing. TBH I hadn't heard of EB it only came about when I was talking to a gym buddy and we started talking about feeling bloaty, irregular bowel movement. So I thought as I have had problems since being a young girl around the age of 5 when I really struggled to go to the toilet so I was injected in the bottom to help me. So when I looked into the services that EB do I was so excited to think there was someone out there who may be able to help me. I made the call I was very nervous but after a telephone conversation which lasted about half an hour I booked in with her. Well, what an experience that was. Never thought in a million years my issues, fears quickly went away. My first clonic liver cleanse was a little bit surreal. How can I just be so relaxed and able to pooh after a few reassuring words from Michelle. We laugh all the time she still says after 10 years LOOK at your pooh train. I will be honest I did suffer from a headache afterwards but Michelle did warn me this would happen but soon subsided. Lots of water and not too much food after the treatment. I was taken suppliments to help me with my daily routine. Vitamin D3,
Bifido and Fibre,live cultures supplement for women, zinc citrate,
Alway I use her own patches
BIO MAGNETIC this to help my joints as I work out everyday
Sleep patch as I was struggling but ATM I'm sleeping very well.
Now about. Michelle my pooh fairy. This women is so passionate about her work to help others, always around of you need advise. She's my hero and best of all Michelle listens to you. Never rushes you, if these are going to plan with your treatment she ensures we rest and then try again.
Honestly, if you're not too sure about having a treatment I can assure you you would not be disappointed. I love her my pooh fairy
After years of stomach bloating, cramps and pain. Taking medication to relive the symptoms.
I visited Michelle for the first time in January. I have not looked back since. I have not had to take any medication since.
I really felt listened to and I am so pleased I picked the phone up and made that call.
I have more energy and my overall health has improved so much 😊
Great Treatment Michell. Thanks.
I've been going for years, Michelle always helpful and achieves great results everytine !
I had suffered with minor gut issues on and off for years but put it down to diet. Past 6 months noticed a gradual increase in feeling bloated, fatigued and no energy or motivation to exercise. I improved my diet with organic produce where possible and did the obvious but still felt full, bloated and sluggish. I had heard of colonics before but had no knowledge of what they did or why you would have one. After some googling, Eternal Being popped us a ‘colonics near me’ and so I checked out their website which prompted a consultation with Michelle and then a colonic hydrotherapy with liver cleanse. Consultation phase was thorough and the colonic was no where near as invasive as I thought it would be nor embarrassing. The feeling of relief was almost euphoric after feeling yuk for so long and the aftercare with Michelle’s knowledge gives me confidence the investment in myself was worth it! All puns intended, Michelle really knows her s#%t!
Great service as always from Michelle. I come about once a quarter and always look forward to the treatment as you know your interests and treatment best practice always come first every time.
Wish I had discovered Eternal Being sooner! Michelle is an absolute STAR - she understands what I need and is never short on advice. Her treatments are brilliant and her reassuring nature allows you to be at ease no matter what the treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle and Eternal Being to my contacts.
Michelle is amazing!

She's so supportive, passionate, friendly and welcoming in her advise/practice.

Before I went to Michelle all I ever thought about my my stomach issues. All I ever talked about was my stomach issues. The discomfort was daily and progressively getting worse. After over 2 years of issues and getting no where through the NHS, I reached out to Michelle and after meeting her for our consultation I finally felt confident that this wasn't going to be forever and that there was hope. For the first time in 2 years someone had told me that they can help me instead of saying 'ots JUST stomach issues, it's JUST iBS.

The tests Michelle did came back with detailed, personal results and Michelle's gave clean instructions on how we can fix my gut health together.

She's super friendly and makes you feel instantly at ease at any appointment.

Thankyou Michelle ☺️💩
Another excellent treatment from Michelle, I have a taken advice from Michelle and had regular colonic treatments over the last 12 years in relation to my gut problems and bloating. Can I stress it is not an uncomfortable treatment as she is highly qualified in her area of expertise.
Well worth a consultation and a treatment if you are suffering in agony with your gut problems. Michelle is extremely qualified in this area and has more extensive knowledge than many GP’s. Michelle will listen to your problem and will get to the bottom of your issues.
Thanks again Michelle look forward to the next treatment in March.
Since giving birth to my son in Oct 2022 I have suffered with anxiety and stress that has severely impacted my digestive system. I've been going to Michelle at Eternal Being because she helped me out many years ago with gut issues and I knew she would be able to help me out this time also. She's so incredibly knowledgeable about pretty much everything but especially gut and poop related issues. She's so professional but also makes you feel so at ease, she's brilliant at what she does and she's made me feel like my pre pregnancy self again. The treatment itself is actually very relaxing and I feel rejuvenated afterwards. Thank you so much Michelle aka the poop fairy! xxx
I first contacted Eternal Being and spoke with Michelle in July this year . I was really struggling both emotionally with grief and with my health, feeling generally unwell, bloated , lethargic and just not well 🤧 having felt like this for many years I had settled for the fact that this was how I was always going to feel .
After a bad fall through being so tired and lethargic at the start of July and suffering several injuries including a fractured wrist, I decided it was time to at least try to change the way I felt . Eternal Being was the very first place I read about and something told me that this was a good place , how right I was . Michelle called me following my email and I could tell straight away what a lovely person she was and clearly very passionate about what she does . I had my first appointment and found Michelle to be very friendly, warm, caring, very straight talking and honest with a terrific sense of humour 😊( very important ). I booked in for my first colonic and like many people I had preconceived ideas of what was involved It was nothing at all like I imagined, the treatment room ( like all of Eternal Being) was really lovely , comfortable, warm , very private a really calming peaceful place for a treatment . Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and every step was explained and done with care. We laughed a lot and talked a lot as well Michelle is a wonderful therapist and I came away from my first session feeling already better within myself and very positive about another treatment . I think it is so important to be open minded about this type of treatment, this isn’t a one size fits all situation and Michelle works out a treatment plan for each client individually depending on what they need. I have had a gut analysis done and Michelle has got a treatment plan for me going forward ,I have had several sessions and can honestly say I already feel so very different, I have a better understanding as well of how the gut is so closely linked to emotional well being something I definitely didn’t realise before seeing Michelle . This is a journey and not a quick fix but I am so glad I have started on it after many , many years of just accepting how I felt . I can’t imagine doing it anywhere else or with anyone else . So Michelle thank you so so much I I look forward to continuing this journey with you 😊👍🏼
I've been coming to Michelle for almost 2 years now and she honestly changed my life. She is so knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her clients and her work. I really can't recommend her enough, she's just the best!

How to detox: Your Ultimate Guide to Post-Holiday Detox

18th December 2023

As the new year begins, it’s common to feel the need to reset your health and well-being after weeks of festive feasting. Starting afresh, rejuvenating your system, and kickstarting a healthier lifestyle are all possible benefits of detoxifying your body.

January is a great time to help our bodies detox and give them a chance to rest and recover. Right after the festive seasons and the indulgence and right before spring, It’s time to think about removing toxins from your body.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to detox and focus on powerful methods—lymphatic drainage, deep cleanse colonics, and liver-cleansing colonic treatments—to help you detoxify after the winter indulgences.

What is detox and how does it work?

The body is exposed to a variety of toxic compounds, such as natural plant components, drugs, sugar, pesticides, phthalates, PCBs, dioxane, and particulate matter. As a result of these reactions, reactive oxygen species (ROS) are created, such as free radicals, peroxide, and superoxide, which damage cells, collagen, and DNA, leading to inflammation and aging.

As our major detox organ, the liver converts toxic substances into water-soluble derivatives that can be excreted in urine. Alternatively, some toxic substances are excreted in the feces by bile. Detox usually involves short-term dietary interventions and relaxation rituals to remove toxins.

How to detox 

Everyone has their own way of prioritising care and exploring change. This year you can try to rest more and even sleep in. Start your morning with a stretch and breathwork routine and a new hydrating day cream. Most importantly, make sure to enjoy some delicious, nourishing, seasonal food.  Here are our top recommendations on how to detox in January.

  • Ensure you get enough sleep

The body’s natural detoxification system and health are supported by adequate quality sleep every night. In addition to reorganising and recharging your brain, rest also eliminates toxic waste byproducts accumulated throughout the day.

A study from the University of Rochester Medical Center revealed that the brain has a unique method of removing toxic waste through the lymphatic system. While asleep, this system raises its activity, allowing the brain to eliminate toxins, including harmful proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease. During sleep, brain cells shrink approximately 60 per cent, allowing waste to be removed more efficiently. So this January, give it a try and sleep a little more.

If you’re seriously struggling to get a good night’s rest and can’t figure out why, consider creating a sleep routine. Your routine can include a consistent bedtime, avoiding screens before bed, and keeping your bedroom dark, quiet, and cool. You can also try using a Sleep Patch with herbal extracts and CBD to restore a healthy level of sleep quality at night.

  • Prioritise exercise

We cannot stress enough the importance of exercising. Being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, and reduce the risk of diseases. It also helps detox your body through sweating. Blood and lymph circulate through our bodies, allowing organs such as the lymph nodes and liver to function properly. In addition, exercise improves digestion, leading to better waste removal and healthier intestines.

Generally, any low-intensity aerobic exercise that increases the heart rate and causes heavier breathing is a recommended detox method as long as your breathing falls within the fat-burning zone. Try anything from walking and bike riding to dancing and swimming. Exercise should be enjoyed. Start slowly and build up gradually. Listen to your body and be mindful of any discomfort.

  • Relax and manage your stress

During the holidays, stress tends to leave us for a while and return right after. Stress produces a constant surge of stress hormones flooding the body, as well as an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, stress can become toxic and lead to a variety of health problems.

People can get through stressful times more easily when stress is managed via mindfulness, loving self-care, and supportive relationships. Exercise, spend time with friends, take a mindful walk through the park or stay home and take a relaxing bath with detox salts.

  • Indulge in a massage

Sometimes, all you need is a massage. The lymphatic system plays a vital role in immune function and detoxification.  Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique designed to stimulate the lymphatic system, aiding in the removal of toxins and excess fluids from the body. This method can enhance circulation, reduce swelling, and promote a sense of well-being. Practitioners use light pressure and rhythmic movements to encourage lymph flow, assisting in removing waste products.

You can also indulge in a glass shell detox massage. After thorough consultation, your therapist will brush the body to stimulate the lymphatic system to increase drainage. A combination of hot and cold shells to massage the legs and stomach will shock the body into initiating weight loss and detox.

  • Stay hydrated

Water helps us cleanse by forming urine, sweat, and stool. Sipping on warm water is deeply hydrating and helps relieve constipation, cleanse your digestive system and assist your lymphatic system by increasing fluid circulation and encouraging better waste removal. It is helpful to source pure spring water or filtered water, but is not absolutely necessary.

You can also try a detox smoothie. One of our favourites includes spinach, avocado, carrots, bananas, oranges, almonds and ginger. It’s a great source of vitamins A, B, C, and E, and it’s super tasty. You can also add Detox Husk Powder to your smoothie to increase fibre consumption, which is essential for healthy digestion.

  • Reduce your intake of sugar and processed foods

Reducing your consumption of sugar and processed foods can significantly benefit your overall health. Research links high consumption of sugary and highly processed foods to obesity and other chronic diseases, which harm organs that play a crucial role in detoxification, such as your liver and kidneys.

Consuming less junk food will help your body’s detoxification system remain healthy. You can reduce your junk food consumption by replacing it with healthier options like fruits and vegetables. Opting for whole foods and seasonal produce not only provides essential nutrients but also helps regulate blood sugar levels and supports sustained energy throughout the day. Making conscious choices to limit sugar and processed foods can contribute to improved well-being and long-term vitality.

  • Enjoy seasonal, nourishing food

As mentioned above you should stay away from processed foods and beverages with a high glycemic load, which are acid, inflammatory, and nutrient-poor. These “food-like substances” can burden the liver, causing it to work harder to process and eliminate them. Regular or excessive intake can create congestion in the body’s detoxification pathways, leaving you at a higher risk of developing chronic illness and disease.

Make sure to choose seasonal produce and eat organic produce, seafood that is responsibly caught, and grass-fed animal protein whenever possible. When you buy your food from the local Farmer’s Market, you’ll be less likely to be exposed to GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. By doing so, you reduce the strain on your liver.

  • Cut alcohol

Reduce your consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs. Even though our bodies are capable of detoxifying small amounts of these, the intention is to allow our detox organs- liver, skin, lungs, and gut-a chance to catch up and recover.

It’s not always easy to withdraw from alcohol, and some foods can make you feel poorly during withdrawal as well. Within a few days, this should pass, and you may decide to do without these things permanently.

  • Detox with an enema or colonic hydrotherapy

colonic hydrotherapy might sound scary, but on the contrary, they are rather therapeutic. Detoxification through colonic hydrotherapy or enemas involves the introduction of fluids into the colon to flush out toxins and waste materials from the body.

 Enemas typically use a smaller amount of fluid, usually water or a saline solution, while colonic hydrotherapy employs a larger volume of water for a deeper cleanse. Both methods aim to eliminate built-up fecal matter, purportedly promoting better digestion, increased energy, and improved overall health.

Embrace self-care, nourishment, and wellness

We hope you feel inspired to take some extra time to sleep, cook yourself a delicious meal, soak in the tub, and go for a walk. To detox, you don’t need any extreme diet or therapy; just try to be more in tune with your body. Our detox guide is not about deprivation is all about cleansing your body and mind. Take the first step to a healthier life. Incorporate these simple self-care rituals into your daily routine and reap the rewards.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog post and you want to learn more about remaining energised and healthy, we suggest visiting our blog section for more interesting stories. You can contact us with any questions you might have, and we’ll be happy to assist you.