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10th February 2016

Stomach is our second brain

The second brain in our stomachs By Michael Mosley BBC TV 11 July 2012 Last updated at 01:53 Our own stomachs may be something of a dark mystery to most of us, but new research is re…
5th February 2016

49,900 Years of Healthy Eating

There are several approaches to healthy eating, and I think in general it is fair to say that from person to person it will be different. Some people may require a much lower sugar intake than oth…
1st February 2016

Bullying And What It Can Do To Children’s Digestive System And Colonic Health

I don’t often use other peoples blogs in my writings but this one really struck a cord with me. We often focus on ourselves as adults and how we struggle with lifes challenges. We can see how stre…
20th January 2016

Are You Feeding Your Children Super Foods To Help Them To Be Super Healthy Later In Life?

With so many good stories out there she really is hitting the mark at the moment…… please enjoy the post Michelle  I am always on the lookout for foody information, information that wil…
10th January 2016

Controlled Fasting Could Help Overweight People And Have Added Health Benefits

When I am browsing the internet I am always looking for things that may be of interest to you and when I came across this by BBC News (http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/health-19112549) I felt i just had to…
3rd January 2016

Many celebrities trust their gut instinct

Many celebrities trust their gut instinct to make decisions are you listening to what your gut is saying? This blog by our good friend The Poopinator is just awesome and well worth a read….
2nd January 2016

Everyone poops

We all know better than most people out there that there is a huge taboo around bowel movements, poo and excretion, but did you know that this taboo can be so damaging and detrimental to one’s hea…
1st January 2016

Autism and the Gut

Theresa May has managed in one act to show her ability as Home Secretary and the compassion of the Tory Party. An unexpected bi-product was the public’s relit interest in autism and spectrum …
1st March 2012

Study Confirms Link Between Diabetes and Colon Cancer

TAMPA, Fla.? A new study review confirms a link between diabetes and colon cancer. A research team has recently discovered through a review of a previous study that people who have diabe…
7th January 2011

Colonic Hydrotherapy a new perspective

By Ron Leon Colon hydrotherapy (also generally referred to as colon irrigation or simply “colonics,” and hereinafter referred to as CHT) is a rapidly growing complimentary/alternative medical t…