Beauty might not just be skin deep…

29th July 2022

Studies from Texas Christian University have found good-looking people might have a better chance of fighting infections, so it’s okay to start bragging about being gorgeous!

The aspirational appearance has started to become a thing of the past, people found themselves becoming more themselves and digging deep to find their true beauty. Yet, for the lucky soles that have instant gorgeousness and don’t have to dig too deep to find their true beauty, they might still have the one up on us. 

A person’s level of beauty can correlate with their body’s ability to repel infection.


A woman judges a man through a level of handsomeness. The men found to have a high level of attractiveness are found to construct more functional, successful “natural killer” cells. These “natural killer” cells’ main job is to fight viruses and infections for the body. 

This is also demonstrated through more attractive people having higher levels of phagocytosis.

For the previously mentioned study, Texas Christian University photographed 152 young adults, without makeup. These participants were then rated by the opposite sex by members of the public. The participants that were rated highly attractive were found to have higher levels of phagocytosis within their system. 

Therefore, there is still hope for the less fortunate members of society, as the advancements of modern medicine have decreased the levels of the danger of infection.
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