5 Ways Lemon Water Can Be Beneficial To You

22nd July 2022

Having a slice of lemon in your water comes with many health benefits. Starting your day off with fresh lemon water, before any breakfast, will provide you with many different health benefits for your skin, digestion, and general body function. 

It has been found, by many nutritionists, that getting into this healthy daily routine at the start of the day, on an empty stomach will support your body in the following ways:

Improved Digestion:

It has been found that lemon juice stimulates your digestion, this means an increase in the production of your hydrochloric acid (HCI). HCI is important as it activates the non-digested food (pepsinogen) and turns it into enzymes, which is also known as pepsin. After this, the protein from the food is then digested. HCI’s main process is to kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites that have entered the food. Therefore, the enhancement of HCI is clearly beneficial. 

Decreases Constipation:

If you have a slow movement in your digestive system or gut, this could be due to low acid and/or enzymes. This, inevitably, will slow the digestive process which is conducted by your gut, therefore resulting in constipation. Drinking lemon water will promote movement within your gut, as it will provide the missing acid and stimulate the production of HCI, which will enhance your pepsinogen turning into enzymes. 

Increases Bile:

Heard of bile? I know, it is usually a topic left out of an everyday conversation, but having lemon water in your daily ritual will support your liver’s functions of bile production. You might ask why this is important? Well, bile production will support the digestive process, breaking down the fatty acids which are left in the digestive tract.

Reduces Bloating:

If you suffer from bloating, a fresh lemon squeezed into your morning glass of water is for you. Another drink you might want to drink is Turmeric Green Tea. Both of these drinks are the perfect anti-bloat drinks, just make sure not to have too many in a day.

Makes Your Skin Glow:

After several weeks of having this drink in your routine, it will show the external benefits. Your skin is likely to be brighter, with a reduction in blemishes. But how does this work you ask? Well, your digestive system and liver are connected to the health of your external organ, your skin. If you suffer from Eczema then, this is likely to be in your healing plan.

Now, many people are always asking questions about if the acid lemon can erode your teeth. The truth is, yes. However, it is unlikely it will erode your teeth from this drink alone. Within our daily lives, we ingest many different kinds of food and drinks that will do the same, such as coffee and fizzy drinks. 

If you feel nervous about this, why not brush your teeth afterward, or wash your mouth with water? Or even use a straw to drink your lemon water, so it is less likely to hit your teeth.  

Overall, it has been proven that drinking your daily lemon water should definitely be a part of your morning routine. Just be careful not to use artificial lemon juice, as this rarely has the essential components to help your body become healthier. So make sure to have fresh lemon, and enjoy it!
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