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Non invasive cellulite reducing colon massage

What is abdominal massage?

Abdominal massage is designed to target the abdominal cavity, which contains your intestines, stomach, liver, kidneys, gall bladder and the pancreas. The abdominal massage can help:

It can help:

  • Improve one's breathing and to get relief from internal pressure*
  • Relieve constipation by activating peristalsis and contributing to lymph drainage*
  • Reduce stress in the abdominal cavity through the application of touch, heat, body packs, steam, herbs or candles*
  • Relieve bloating and flatulence by helping the release of trapped wind*
  • Soften musculature and reduce adhesions, to improve blood circulation and delivery of oxygen to tissues*
  • Improve circulation of lymphatic fluids and the function of the immune system*
  • Improve digestion, absorbtion and elimination*
  • Post operative – helps reduce adhesions and scar tissue formation*
  • Post- childbirth – helps the tissue recover its elasticity*
  • Help the liver, the gall bladder and the pancreas release the digestive juices more effectively into the intestinal tract*
  • Help the liver in the processing of the metabolic wastes*


60min session
Important Details
We request 48hours notice of cancellation. Should you fail to cancel within these guidelines a 50% charge will apply. All no shows and same day cancellations will be charged the full cost of the treatment. All treatments are by appointment only and require card details to secure your booking. (50% deposit will be taken at the time of booking)

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