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Signature Detox Foot bath & Massage

Relax on arrival with one of our speciality herbal teas then sink in to our

Eternalbeing foot detox salt spa treatment this includes one of our signature foot baths listed below as well as a lymph massage on the lower legs and arms and soothing eye mask

 Each  package includes signature detox salts of Eternalbeing. Choose from 4 separate treatments designed to complement to your body.

 Objective of each treatment is shown below

 Nettle Citrus Zest

 A zingy treatment to boost your immune system aid Detox and boost vit c to wash away the winter blues

 Eucalyptus fresh

Breath of fresh air  treatment to boost your immune system aid Detox and boost vitamin c to wash away the winter blues

 Agran and lemon Verbena de-stressor

 This combination of herbs is high in vitamin e which is great for tired skin and bodies and the lemon verbena is a great immune booster with relaxing properties

Tropical Blooms

 Let the soothing flower fragrences wisk you away to your own tropical paradice with the aromas of Jamsine & ylang ylang and the soothing powers of fragipani flower milk.

* individual results may vary


1hr 30Min
Important Details
We request 48hours notice of cancellation. Should you fail to cancel within these guidelines a 100% charge will apply. All no shows and same day cancellations will be charged the full cost of the treatment. All treatments are by appointment only and require card details to secure your booking. (100% deposit will be taken at the time of booking)

Spring Detox

Discounted colonic and liver cleanse. Repair, recover & rejuvenate now £120 inc detox bath saving £13

Deep Cleanse

Like having 2 colonics in 1 this is one of our most popular treatments saving you £41 over having 2 colonics

Discounted deep cleanse colonic irrigation & free Detox bath salts. now £115

Treatment Packages

Special discount offers available after your initial treatment including, Kick Start, Detox Treatment, Deep Cleanse, Ultimate Health & an advanced maintenance package.