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Boo's Story

I started out as a patient of Eternalbeing Detox clinic having suffered with IBS for 6 years. After having a course of treatments & detoxing my IBS was under control. This changed my life and I then went on to become a qualified colonic hydrotherapist which lead on me gaining my advanced colonic hydrotherapy qualification and holistic nutrition. Wanting to further explore the holistic approach to therapies (healing the mind body and soul) This lead me to become qualified in Indian head massage & Thai Foot massage. I brought these treatments to our sister clinic EternalSpa & Beauty.


I studied with the Midland Colonic Training school,  obtaining my qualification in advanced colonic hydrotherapy & holistic nutrition. I am also a member of RICTAT & GRCCT

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I have over 20 years of experience working with people within the service industry. My background in these areas adds to my immense knowledge, skill and understanding regarding the complexity of human behaviour, but more importantly our inner ability to make the necessary changes.