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The Eternal Being Philosophy

The key to the Eternal Being philosophy really is in the name, we concern ourselves with your well-being over time, and our treatment packages are all geared towards this.

We believe that colonic hydrotherapy should be a vital part of your healthy lifestyle, both on the inside and the out. It is an integral part of our aim to relieve stress and burden, which is where hydrotherapy treatments differ from standard colonic irrigation processes.

All of our friendly and professional colonic hydrotherapists are extensively qualified in the art of massage, and make your comfort their priority. We aim to make your session at Eternal Being a calming and stress-free experience, something which we achieve through a combination of advanced irrigation technologies and soothing massage techniques which have been perfected over centuries. 

We also pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for customer satisfaction, which is firmly rooted in modesty, comfort and honesty. Our specialists will take time to thoroughly explain the procedure you have opted for, and make sure you’re happy with everything before proceeding. 

We don’t just perform the session and then throw you out the door, which is where the ‘Eternal’ part of our philosophy really comes into play. By choosing Eternal Being you don’t just pay for a 60 minute colonic hydrotherapy session, you make a positive choice to change your lifestyle. Our hydrotherapists will first examine your case history to seek out any underlying causes for the build up of stored matter. Using this information they will provide dietary recommendations specifically tailored to you, allowing you to make the most of your colonic hydrotherapy treatment after leaving the clinic.

We understand that having an improper rhythm can really get you down, and believe that no one should have to deal with this stress day-in, day-out; so choose Eternal Being today, and bring about some positive changes to your physical and mental well-being.